a comic i started up

2014-06-11 22:54:06 by pankirby

well it is a little comic i wanted to work on containing my characters sofia and terra  later on they will be mixed in a crossover comic so bee on the outlook for that  but as such just enjoy it reads as a traditional manga would which is from right to left  with arrows guiding it at some portions so hope you all enjoy



kodomo no jikan fan project

2014-05-03 04:29:56 by pankirby

to any one who sees this and is a fan of kodomo no jikan or if you just want to see an alright music video

go ahead and click this video  link  i hope you all enjoy my toils though it may not seem much

well we are gone from here

2013-12-22 19:06:25 by pankirby

wanted to post this saying im moving to a differnt image hosting site i havent been here for quite a while and quite frankly i may not post here again. However i am going to be uploading all my images to deviant art so if you would like to keep following me ill be help up there. so i wish a merry christmas and happy newyears to all newgrounders

attempting to be free

2013-05-21 23:50:49 by pankirby

Hello guys to who ever visits my page here on newgrounds the main thing i have posted here are some of my artworks of my character terra. All the drawings i do i attempt to use what is at hand of course there are computer programs that people use the draw and thats fine but for me i attempt to do it the old fashioned way in using pen paper and colors hope you enjoy your stay and take a look at what i have done you may find something interesting